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Dog Book List

Click to Calm-Emma Parsons.

(Surviving Reactivity, Dog to DogAggression).


The Other End of the Leash-Patricia McConnell. 

(Understand Dogs Better, Human Animal Bond).


For the love of a dog-Patricia McConnell. 

(Understanding Dogs Better, Human Animal Bond).


Chill out Fido-Nan Arthur. 

(Help your dog to relax, settle down and learn about the benefits of calm dogs.)


The Culture Clash-Jean Donaldon. (Understanding the dog and human relationship)

Mine A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs-Jean Donaldson. (Insight and helpful strategies to manage food aggression, guarding of objects, toys and places).

Feeling Outnumebered? How to enjoy and manage a multi dog household- Patricia McConnell.

(Are you ready for multiple dogs, need help managing it better).


Play together, Stay Together-Patricia McConnell. (Games and activities for you and your dog).


When Pigs Fly-Training Success with Impossible Dogs-Jane Killion. (Difficult dogs, help with complex behavior problems).

The Canine Kingdom of Scent-Fun activities using your dogs natural instincts-Ane Lill Kvam. (Enrich your dog's life while learning about the powerful nose of dogs).

Don't Shoot the Dog-Karen Pryor.

(Positive reinforcement training).

Off Leash Dog Play-Robin Bennett, Susan Briggs. (Understanding body language, what is play and what is not, safety off leash outdoors.)


Barking-The sound of a language-Turid Rugaas. (Looking to curb and understand barking).


Stress in Dogs-Learn How Dogs Show Stress and What You Can Do to Help -Clarissa von Reinhardt. (Recognizing stress in dogs is key in providing a better quality of life for them).


Reaching the Animal Mind-Karen Pryor.

(Reflections and insight about animal behavior and training).

Puppy Start Right-Debbie & Martin.

(Raining a puppy? Work with puppies? Love puppies?).

Bones would rain from the sky-Suzanne Clothier. (Human  animal bond.)

How Many Dogs?!- Debby McMullen

(Manage multiple dog households better).

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