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 Force Free & Low Stress Handling. Positive & Reward Based Training Techniques
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Do you have a cute dog that is driving you a bit crazy? 
Need to address a new or ongoing behavior problem?
Want to start your puppy on a positive paw?
Enrich your dog with fun & useful tricks?

Help your dog become a charming café canine? 

Need to tame your leash lion?

Wish for better manners in public situations?

Want to Prep and Test for AKC Canine Good Citizen? 

Looking for Outdoor Real Life Training?



Basic & Advanced Manners.

Puppy & Adolescent Training Programs.

Outdoor manners and skills.

New dog, Dog to dog, Cat to dog introductions.

Helping shy and insecure dogs blossom.

Fun, Useful & Advanced Tricks.

Fear (dogs, people, situational, places, sounds or objects).

Leash Reactivity toward dogs, people or both.

Anxious when being left alone or without a certain person.

Not coming when called.

Out of control in public.

Destruction, Chewing, Stealing.

Challenging visits to the veterinarian's office.

Handling intolerance (grooming, restraint).

Mouthing, nipping or biting.

Guarding food, objects, people or territory.

Aggression toward people or dogs.

Jumping up on people.

Hyperactive & unruly manners.

Pulling on walks.

Excessive barking.

Conflict between other animals in the household.


Attention seeking behavior.

Children and Dogs.

There is Hope... for Canines. Lets get started!
Our Guarantee.

"There is a special place in my heart for shy, fearful and aggressive dogs. I have been drawn to them since an early age, they drive and inspire me to keep learning, stay empathetic and find solutions. The most challenging animals have also been my best teachers, as I continue to learn from dogs everyday"  

–Johanna, Trainer

Our goal is to provide family pets and their guardians with compassionate and trustworthy care. We guarantee friendly and professional services, effective and force free training techniques. Animal welfare and safety is our priority.
Our motto is to "set the dog up for success". We strive for happy dogs and we express a sincere love and understanding for the dogs as well as sympathy and respect for their guardians.
Sessions are conveniently held in your home or place of choice.
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