"The fidelity of a dog isa precious gift demanding no less moral responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be" -Konrad Lorenz

Welcome Best Animal Lover

Depending on where you are with your dog in terms of training and what your goals are, we are happy to help you reach them.

Got a puppy and want to start it off on the right paw?

Adopted a new dog that needs help?

Need to address behavior problems?

Wish to teach your pet better manners and fun tricks?

Want to be good at Clicker Training?

Prepare for the Canine Good Citizen Test, become a Therapy Dog?

Brush up on skills for sport classes?

Want to learn your dog more complex behaviors and tricks?

Would you like to have a nice and calm dog to public places?

We Can Help!

Hope for Canines strives towards happy dogs & happy owners and our training motto is "to set the pet up for success". We express a deep love and understanding for the dogs, combined with sympathy and respects for their humans. Training sessions and consults are conveniently held in your home or place of choice.



My sunshine does not come from the skies, it comes from the love in my dog's eyes" -Unknown

Happy & Well-Behaved Dogs

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  • "Our family dog is completely different today compared to when we adopted her a few years ago; it is amazing to see how much our wonderful dog has improved with the guidance and hard work that Johanna helped us with"
    -U.H, Saratoga.
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