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Do you have a Cute Dog that is driving you Crazy?

Need to address a New or Ongoing Behavior Problem?

Want to start your Puppy on a Positive Paw?

Teach your dog Fun & Useful Tricks?

Wish for better Manners at Home or in Public?

We can Train your dog to be a Charming Café Canine, or Tame your Leash Lion, even Help your Fearful Fido! Prepare your dog for the Outdoor Scenarios & Public Situations? The Canine Good Citizen Test? Therapy Work? Dog Sports?

Regardless of the goals you have in mind or problems you are faced with, we are happy to help!

Consults and training sessions are conveniently held in your home or place of choice.

We offer a FREE pre-puppy purchase or dog adoption consultation. Finding a match and knowing what to look for when you're choosing a dog to be a part of your life for the next 15 years is indeed a big decision. Let us help you with questions such as personality & temperament, breeds & responsible breeding, life- style, exercise and background.

Our Motto

Hope for Canines strives towards happy dogs & happy owners and our training motto is to "set the pet up for success". We express a deep love and understanding for the dogs, combined with sympathy and respect for their humans.

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Our Guarantee

Our goal is to provide your pet with compassionate care. We guarantee Professionalism, Friendly Service, Safe, Effective, Humane & Force Free Training Techniques, along with Helpful and Trustworthy Information for dogs and their guardians.